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What We Do

Perks provides TDA members access to good products at good prices; and outstanding discounts and promotions. You get superior customer service. If you have a problem with a program, we help you get it resolved. And we provide know-how resources: need-to-have information on insurance, compliance, marketing, starting a practice and more.

How Perks Works

Volunteer TDA members serve on the board of TDA Financial Services, Inc. (a wholly-owned affiliate of TDA that manages TDA Perks Program) and review potential partner vendors.

If a vendor offers products or services deemed highly useful and of superior quality, preferential pricing or other benefit to TDA members; and can generate revenue for Perks, the company may be granted an endorsement. Most of the revenue Perks generates goes to TDA.

Board of Directors

Dr Kenneth Horwitz
Dr Kenneth HorwitzPresident
Dr Tana Busch
Dr Tana BuschVice President
Dr Jerry Katz
Dr Jerry KatzSecretary-Treasurer
Dr Chad Capps
Dr Chad CappsDirector
Dr Dan McCauley
Dr Dan McCauleyDirector
Dr William Nantz
Dr William NantzDirector
Dr Greg Oelfke
Dr Greg OelfkeDirector
Dr Laura Schott
Dr Laura SchottDirector
Dr Debra Seznik
Dr Debra SeznikDirector
Dr Michael Vaclav
Dr Michael VaclavDirector
Dr David Woolweaver
Dr David WoolweaverDirector


Donovan Osio
Donovan OsioGeneral Manager
Josh Epstein
Josh EpsteinMarketing Specialist
Teresa Kim
Teresa KimMultimedia Communications Manager