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Best Card's friendly staff

Practices save an average of $2,466 (23%) annually.

Best Card receives rave reviews for its money-saving processing program—and stellar customer service. (You get people—not prompts).

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With Best Card, you get:

  • $0 or low set-up fees for terminals and online systems.
  • No pressure to buy anything you don’t need. (You can usually re-download existing equipment.)
  • EMV and contactless-capable terminals with 1-2 year warranty, starting at $269 ($169 for TDA members with one-time EMV “chip” discount) for its most popular terminal. See prices
  • No hidden fees. A low $36 annual PCI fee. (Most processors charge $79-$199.)
  • Complimentary staff training on all aspects of credit card processing and fraud control via phone.
  • Funds directly deposited into your checking account. If your batch is closed by 5 PM (Central), you’ll receive funds the next day.
  • One deposit and one statement for all cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express) and PayPal.

  • Ability to see statements and detailed processing information in real time.

You’ll also have online systems that offer:

  • Ability to swipe cards at your computer, and print to 2 1/4″ receipt paper
  • Capability to accept online payments via a “Make a Payment” link on your website
  • Ability to enter data once and have future transactions automatically recur
  • Automatic posting of payments to some dental software programs (PAYLINK)