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OSHA, HIPAA compliance

Fulfill compliance requirements quickly, easily

Get your office certified OSHA-and-HIPAA compliant. Smart Training’s OSHA compliance advisors and certified HIPAA professionals will help you fulfill your compliance requirements.

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Smart Training Certified

Smart Training Certified is a step-by-step program that ensures your office is safe and compliant with OSHA and HIPAA requirements (federal and State regulations). It provides the Texas dental industry with the only OSHA no-fine guarantee. And it’s affordable—available for a low monthly fee.

  • FREE risk assessment (HIPAA, HB300)
  • Onsite inspection (OSHA, HIPAA)
  • Plans of action to remediate OSHA and HIPAA issues
  • Customized policies, procedures and documents (HIPAA, HB300)
  • Scheduled follow up and on-call support