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Gold jewelry

Increase your income by maximizing your return on refining precious scrap metals.

Want to turn your precious metals into cash, but avoiding the research to find a good refining service? Strike that task off your list!

Request free shipping kit.

D-MMEX’s EasyRefine precious metal refining service is ethical, easy-to-use, and maximizes your returns. Shipping is easy, and payment is fast (check settlement within 10 business days). Through D-MMEX’s EasyRefine, you’ll:

Be paid a more-than-fair value.

  • Receive 97% of gold value, 90% of silver, platinum and 85% of palladium.
  • Trade bullion terms on London-based market.
  • See returns improve by as much as 30% (users report)
  • Enjoy free individual melt and assay

Get documentation to prove it.

  • Receive a detailed, all-element analysis report (including gold, platinum, palladium and silver) illustrating the value of your shipment.
  • Have access to current market prices at any time at

Have super-easy, free shipping.

Get a free shipping kit which includes a bag, sealing container and a pre-labeled insured shipping box. Just drop in the contents, and call Fed-Ex to pick it up.

Work with a trusted company.

  • D-MMEX’s EasyRefine is endorsed by 11 state dental associations or their affiliates.

  • Its service is extensively tested by your colleagues, and used by thousands of dentists worldwide.
  • D-MMEX shares the basis of its compensation, demonstrating its commitment to be detailed, ethical, and professional.