TV screen showing private channel

You’ll love what your FREE TV channel will do.

Tell patients about your services and provide a respite from stress while they’re in waiting areas and operatories. Perks is BUYING you a private TV channel that does all this. And it would cost a bundle to get it yourself ($1,500 for a system installation, plus $79/month with subscription).

Relax your patients. Reduce dental anxiety.

Your private channel would be part of the newly-launched TDA Perks Television Network (TDAPTN). Programming is HD video of nature and other calming and beautiful scenery set to popular contemporary music. It replaces the incessant talk, stressful news reports, even commercials from competitors airing on other networks with therapeutic “Relaxation Television”—patented programming designed to relax its viewers.

Increase patient awareness of your offerings.

Your channel highlights your services, specials and announcements at the right side of the TV screen. With higher patient awareness of elective procedures or specials your practice offers, you could see increased profits.

Why is it free?

TDA Perks Program covers all costs—including those of installation. There’s no catch, and there are no fees. Why did TDA Perks Program pay? Because having the television network is a true TDA-member benefit, and it will generate non-dues revenue for TDA through third-party advertising.

What do i need to provide?

  • A TV (or TVs) with HDMI inputs.
  • An internet drop to the controller (controller will be provided)

Hear From Your Peers

Dr Michael Goulding shares why he signed up for a channel.