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Map with population stats

Identify the best location for your new practice.

Xite Realty finds the best location for your practice to increase your probability of success. The experienced and aggressive dental real estate firm can negotiate your lease, help with the purchase of a practice or building to suit.

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How does Xite Realty find the location that’s best for you? It uses the most comprehensive real estate database to provide a clear picture of competition in an area. And it identifies a target patient base using key demographic criteria:

  • Insured and Medicaid populations

  • Population density, age and more

  • Family growth rates
  • Median household income
  • Dental expenditures

With offices in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas/Fort Worth, Xite is the only dental real estate firm with boots on the ground in all four major Texas markets.

When I decided to start looking for an office space, I was full of questions, not necessarily related to leasing my space. But it was apparent that Patrick [Valentz at Xite] was very experienced and professional in the entire process of starting a dental practice.

He went above and beyond and helped assemble my project team that advised me from start to finish in building and starting my practice.

You only learn how to be a dentist in dental school and during your associateship…not how to open a business. With Patrick Valentz and Xite Realty, you can focus on your bread and butter, without the headache of guesswork.

Dr. Hoa Tony Tran , Discover Dental