Want to Reach a Large Audience in 2018? Nothing Beats Email Marketing.

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The telephone is a good way to get one-on-one interaction with potential patients, and direct mail is a well-known marketing method. But when it comes to marketing to a large audience, nothing beats communication through email marketing.

Here are some reasons why:

It’s a Better Value For Your Money.

The most cost-effective communication tool on the market is email marketing. For every $1 you spend, you can expect an average $38 ROI.* You can send an email campaign to your entire patient base and save a significant amount over what you’d spend on print and mail efforts.

It Can Distribute Your Newsletter.

Print media has become a less desired medium, with the internet becoming the main source of communication for most businesses. However, 55% of dental practices still issue their newsletter on paper on a monthly basis.**

It’s safe to say your patients will respond much better to your newsletter if it reaches them by email than by regular mail. You can also include news about state-of-the art dental tools and techniques, and establish your practice as a leader in dental innovations.

Automated Campaigns Save Time.

Once you’ve created a marketing campaign with the information you wish to communicate, you can send your carefully crafted message to every patient on your online mailing list with the push of a button.

You Can Keep Track of Your Progress.

Email marketing allows for an array of sophisticated tools that keep track of user engagement with your campaign. You can get regular updates about every click, view, and the traction your campaign receives online. This information helps you improve the next campaign, and make it even more successful.

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