By Robert McDermott; President/CEO, iCoreConnect

Electronically prescribing all medications—everything from antifungals, antibiotics and pain meds to controlled substances—reduces steps and saves time in your day. Here are five tasks cloud-based e-Prescribing software enables you to accomplish efficiently:

  1. Check a patient’s narcotic prescription history with just one or two clicks. When your e-Prescribing software integrates with your practice management system, your patient prescription history checks can be accomplished quickly in just a few steps. Compare that to the nearly 50 clicks it often takes to verify directly through a state database.
  2. Access a patient’s FULL prescription history. Access all prescriptions dispensed at any U.S. pharmacy. e-Prescribing software often allows you to see every prescription dispensed over at least the past twelve months.
  3. Rapidly search drug information. Search built-in drug directories and get immediate results for brand or generic medications, dosing options, contraindications and discontinued meds reducing medication errors and adverse drug events.
  4. e-Prescribe on any device. Write, approve and send from any computer, laptop, tablet or phone.
  5. e-Prescribe from anywhere. A big benefit of e-Prescribing is the flexibility it gives you. Provide care in minutes, whether you’re at work or outside of the office. Eliminate reliance on paper, phone and fax by streamlining your workflow into just one manageable method for all prescriptions.
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