Staying on top of Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) CE requirements is a messy affair. There’s no clean and easy way of keeping track of CE courses taken, which requirements are outstanding; and wrangling CE documentation in the event of a TSBDE audit. This is about to change with the early-2022 release of the new Dental Concierge app and learning management system commissioned by TDA and TDA Perks Program.

Here’s what Dental Concierge can do—and how it will streamline the process.

Track Completed CE.

Dental Concierge neatly organizes all users’ CE completion documentation, sorting them into appropriate requirement categories they apply toward, and storing them in a digital vault until needed. Progress toward meeting requirements is charted through a color-coded dashboard.

Documentation for courses completed through the app is automatically loaded and sorted into appropriate categories.

Information for courses completed outside the app need to be manually entered. Users simply upload a photo of the completion certificate, check the box for the requirement it applies toward, and enter the completion date.

Show What’s Needed. Send Reminders.

Dental Concierge also shows users what courses and categories still need to be completed and fulfilled; and conveniently sends reminders as deadlines approach. Reminders are sent via app alerts or emails at a frequency customized by the user.

And handily, other compliance-related custom reminders can also be set; for example, for meeting OSHA requirements or testing x-ray equipment.

Offer High Quality Courses at Low Cost.

A comprehensive library of ADA CERP-qualified courses—live pre-recorded and self-study—are available at lower cost to TDA members. All required categories except for PALS, BLS, ACLS and the Jurisprudence Assessment are offered.

Submit CE Documentation to TSBDE.

When a CE audit notice is delivered, providing documentation to TSBDE will be a snap for Dental Concierge users. Dental Concierge enables its users to easily see and compile the required information for TSBDE.

Dental Concierge will be available for download through Google Play and the Apple App Store free of charge for TDA members. The app is available to non-TDA members for a monthly fee of $9.99.

Check TDA and TDA Perks Program websites ( and and communications in the coming weeks for release date information.