By Robert McDermott; President/CEO, iCoreConnect

The 2021 controlled-substance ePrescribing law ushered in a new era for dentists. Why? ePrescribing is revolutionizing patient care by enhancing prescription accuracy and minimizing the potential for prescription fraud—and it does this securely.

In this quick read, get a rundown on how ePrescribing accomplishes all this for dentists; especially when it’s used for all medications.

Transports Sensitive Data Unscathed

Beyond the simple click that sends an e-prescription on its way is a complex digital journey. The prescription undergoes an intricate encryption process before it sets off on a high-tech voyage ensuring it reaches the pharmacy untouched, with sensitive patient information safeguarded.

Adds Another Gatekeeper

When you log in to your ePrescribing system, in addition to your password, you’re required to go through a second layer of verification—like a unique code sent to your phone. Two-factor authentication is a digital-security superhero that ensures only authorized personnel can access and transmit prescriptions.

Provides Drug-Interaction Alerts and Prescription-Related Insight

Dentists have access to real-time drug interaction alerts when they use electronic prescribing. So when you prescribe a medication, the system might flag potentially dangerous interactions with other drugs the patient is taking.

In addition, because you can maintain accurate records of all prescribed medications, medication reconciliation is simplified. You also have a goldmine of data to gain insight into prescribing patterns, medication adherence, and patient outcomes; opening the avenue for continuous improvement in patient care.

Enables Cohesive Care

Your ePrescribing system can talk to your practice management system, so your systems exchange important information effortlessly. This enables you to create a cohesive care experience.

Another plus: ePrescribing means fewer paper prescriptions—which equals less paper waste. And with auto-populated fields, it’s a time-saver.

iCoreRx cloud-based ePrescribing software, from TDA Perks endorsed partner iCoreConnect, improves prescription safety, accuracy, and adherence. iCoreRx makes the transition incredibly fast and easy, so you can be up and running in a short amount of time. Discounts apply for TDA members.