By Robert McDermott; President/CEO, iCoreConnect

Nearly every dental practice and DSO out there wants to boost revenue. In fact, many practices are still working to recover from a nearly 18% drop in revenue during COVID-19. So what can your practice do?

Use data to help direct your practice.

You can measure your reappointment rates and what treatments are covered by your patients’ insurance, which will help you reach out about missed appointments or care opportunities. Perhaps you want to improve your practice’s services and increase patient retention rates.

The data you’d need to accomplish these things is called analytics. But it would be difficult and time consuming to collect and make sense of without the assistance of practice analytics software.

The software gathers data about your patients and practice and presents them in a meaningful (based on your unique goals) way via easy-to-access reports. Because the reports are automated, your staff won’t need to spend time to gain the insight needed to keep your chairs filled and revenue stream steady.

Cloud-based iCoreHuddle provides all the functionality and staff prompts needed to encourage closed treatment plans, synchronize schedules for maximized efficiency, and see which scheduled patients have open AR enabling your office to collect when patients visit.

If you’re ready to discuss how the team at iCoreConnect can help you turn data into dental practice success, book an iCoreHuddle demo today or call (888) 810-7706. TDA members receive a substantial discount.