As a TDA member, you have free access to TDA Perks Program’s many resources, including information that can save you a lot of time and access to significant savings on essentials for your practice.

Access to Know How

TDA Perks Program releases many quick and easy reads that clarify topics critical to running your practice: compliance, HR, and marketing. It also makes available more in-depth articles on topics like risk management and business and health insurance. Last year, Perks articles were accessed more than 62,773 times by you and your peers, and readership increased 94%.

Perks’ monthly podcasts (audio versions of longer articles) and webinars also grew in popularity in 2019. “Cut to the Chase” was accessed 542 times, and as of November, there were 357 webinar registrants.

TDA Perks also organized special educational opportunities like The University of Texas at Austin TDA Executive Management Program and the free new-dentist Successful New Office symposium.

All resources and event announcements are accessible through Perks’ weekly email “In the Know” and this website. Last year, had 50,000 sessions, and the site continues to see steady traffic growth as more members discover the resources it offers.

Access to Significant Savings through Programs

A lot of you use TDA Perks programs. Last year, 48% (3,565) of active TDA members (7,414) were using at least one. All provide a special concession to TDA members; but we’d like to highlight three that will likely provide you immediate and significant savings over your current vendors.

  • TDA Perks Supplies (dental supplies): The group purchasing program saved TDA members approximately 20% on dental supplies, as of early November 2019. This equates to more than $200,000 in savings. About 21% of active TDA members (1,521) are registered in this program.
  • Best Card (credit card processing): In 2019, the average annual savings it provided was $2,768 (24%) per merchant. That means TDA members saved $1,212,384 in 2019 alone! Approximately 6% (438) of active members participate in this program.
  • Philips Sonicare and Zoom! offers exclusive savings of up to 12% for TDA members. Last time we checked, TDA members saved more than $1 million on Philips Sonicare and Zoom! products.

Cost comparisons are available from (and highly encouraged by) TDA Perks Supplies and Best Card.

If you have questions and would like to speak with someone at TDA Perks Program, please feel free to call Josh Epstein at 512-443-3675 x 161 or schedule a call via the button below.