By Robert McDermott; President/CEO, iCoreConnect

We’re coming up on the two-year anniversary of the electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) law taking effect in January 2021. Hopefully, ePrescribing has improved your workflow these past couple years by making it much easier to quickly and securely send any prescriptions.

But if you’re using traditional methods for non-controlled substance prescriptions—or are underwhelmed by your prescribing workflow—it’s time to evaluate your process and tools.

ePrescribing should be improving your clinical workflow.

ePrescribing software can and should be doing more than digitally transmitting prescriptions to your patients’ pharmacies. Different software solutions provide different features, but solid ePrescription software will also:

  • Check the state’s PMP database to ensure you’re safely prescribing controlled medications.
  • Autofill patient information.
  • Offer “favorites” for prescription combos and pharmacies.
  • Provide alerts and warnings for interactions and contraindications.
  • Fully integrate with existing dental practice management software.

ePrescribing software can improve patient care.

The robust features of a fully-developed ePrescription software solution provide significant benefits—especially when it comes to improving patient care and overall patient experience.

  • A primary benefit of ePrescribing software is improved accuracy of prescriptions. (Nearly a quarter of all prescription errors can be attributed to illegible handwriting.)
  • Also significant: patients greatly value the convenience of ePrescriptions. Recent research in Europe revealed nearly 72% of patients preferred ePrescriptions based on convenience alone.
  • ePrescribing software can also ensure patient prescription safety, increase prescription adherence, and improve perception of care.

Finally, when your ePrescription software seamlessly integrates with your practice management system, this facilitates a more efficient workflow that enables your staff to put greater focus on patient care—and provide significant cost savings to your practice.

Now is a good time to evaluate your ePrescribing process and software to see if adjustments can enhance your productivity and enable you to improve patient care.

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