By Lee Slaton, Vice President of Healthcare; Smart Training

January is a great time to review regulatory practices during huddles with your team—especially those you should be keeping up-to-date.

Here are a few you should make sure are updated.

Written Safety Programs

Responsibilities change, your office space might have changed, procedures change. Make note of all of these kinds of changes as you update your written safety programs. You should also conduct an evacuation drill. Talk through it and physically go through the drill, which should end at the assembly point. Once you’re there, discuss what-ifs.

Staff Training

Remember, when you bring on new staff, OSHA requires they receive all safety training before they begin their first work assignment.

SDS Book and Hazardous Chemical Inventory

January is a very good time for your OSHA lead—or whoever is in charge of your SDS book and corresponding Hazardous Chemical Inventory—to do this. Smart Training has a free three-page brochure that describes how to easily create and maintain your SDS book.

HIPAA Risk Assessment

If your privacy officer hasn’t completed one in the previous twelve months, January is the perfect time to complete it.

Here’s to a happy, prosperous, and safe 2020!

A great benefit of being a TDA member is that a Smart Training compliance advisor is always willing to answer any regulatory compliance questions that might arise. Smart Training has assisted over 15,000 dental professionals with their compliance needs over the last eight years. You can contact Smart Training at 469-342-8300 x 620.