Automated Flexible Membership Plans

Create, manage, and grow your in-house membership plan program with DentalHQ, the leading platform for successful membership plans.

DentalHQ can help create predictable revenue.

Uninsured patients present the largest challenge, and largest opportunity, for practices. As dental insurance companies continue to lower reimbursement rates, and with more and more Americans losing or not renewing their insurance, membership plans are emerging as necessary solutions for dental practices to offer.

But managing those plans can prove to be a challenge; which is why DentalHQ was created. Automating a membership plan program with DentalHQ can bring more revenue per patient, more office team efficiency; and consistent, predictable revenue.

  • Create flexible plans on YOUR terms. Offer whatever included services you wish to include, and charge what you want to charge. DentalHQ’s best-in-class Client Success team is here to help you every step of the way, including Plan Creation consultation and pricing recommendations.

  • Simple to get started. Sign up in less than 8 minutes. You’ll get help to get rolling as quickly as you want to.

  • Unbelievably easy to use. Managing a successful membership program shouldn’t be difficult. DentalHQ’s done all the hard work so you don’t have to: payment collection, patient communication, and enrollment are all automated.

  • 10x your marketing efforts. Imagine offering your membership plan as a perk to the retirement community down the street. Or the co-working space downtown. Or your book club. Or your HOA. The opportunities are endless.

  • Tap into the Member Mindset. Uninsured patients are generally less loyal; they’re more likely to practice-shop and new-patient-special hop. But when you make a patient a member, you’re “their” dentist. They become more attached to and trusting of your practice, which leads to higher case acceptance.