While very rare, emergencies occurring in the dental office can produce disastrous results if not handled properly.

This webinar is presented by MedPro medical/dental risk manager and former paramedic Ted Passineau, who has worked as a medical malpractice defense attorney, and in several capacities for doctor-owned and commercial professional liability insurers.

The webinar covers:

  • The more common medical emergencies that can occur in the dental office.
  • What kind of patients are particularly likely to develop an emergency medical condition in the dental office.
  • The four essential components in preparing for a dental/medical emergency.

More about the presenter:
Mr. Passineau’s credentials include a J.D. and HRM, and RPLU and CPHRM designations. He is a Fellow of ASHRM; and trained in healthcare mediation and conflict resolution, and clinician-patient communication. Mr. Passineau is an adjunct professor at Cooley Law School, where he received the “Zenith Award” for effective teaching.