e-Prescribe all meds faster from any device with iCoreRx cloud-based e-Prescribing software from iCoreConnect.

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Providers across Texas and the U.S. are using iCoreRx to:

  • Get the big picture of the patient’s full prescription history dating back as far as 5 years.
  • e-Prescribe on any computer or device, from anywhere you are connected to the internet.
  • Experience more efficient functionality with integration into most popular practice management systems.
  • Quickly and easily select drug and dose through the built-in Lexicomp® drug directory.
  • Auto-save patient pharmacy preferences.
  • Use the Doctor’s Favorites function for frequently prescribed drugs.
  • Protect your practice with an audit trail of all sent prescriptions.
  • Utilize Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) functionality.
  • Add the +PMP option to iCoreRx to retrieve TX PMP AWARxE prescription history data directly through iCoreRx. Eliminate manually logging in and entering patient data on the TX PMP AWARxE website.