Spore Check System binder

Spore testing is not optional.

Spore Check System lets you know whether or not your sterilizer is working properly—week by week—for just $169/sterilizer/year.

Since Texas regulations recognize ADA recommendations as State guidelines, Texas State Board Rule 108.24 states that “sterilization equipment and its adequacy shall be tested and verified in accord with the American Dental Association recommendations.” ADA and CDC recommendations include weekly spore testing.

OSHA Review’s Spore Check System is accurate, yet costs so little. And it’s easy to use.

  • OSHA Review’s in-house lab, full-time microbiologist and years of experience assure you of accurate results delivered quickly, and can help you track down any problems.
  • After processing a test strip, simply insert it into the pre-addressed envelope, and initial the receipt in the binder.
  • If your test is positive, you’ll be called immediately.
  • If you forget to test for more than two weeks, OSHA Review will send you a reminder.
  • Receive free problem-solving consultations with OSHA Review’s microbiologist, using a toll-free number and automatic reports after every ninth test.
  • Access your test results any time online, easily and privately.

Dosimeter Badges

OSHA Review also offers a dosimetry monitoring service.

  • Quarterly or monthly dosimetry badges with environmental control badge
  • Printed reports mailed to each location
  • Secure on-line access to results
  • Immediate reporting of any exposure above 300 mrem