Dentistry’s only 15-minute, in-office dental waterline test

Sterisil® FASTCheck15™ gives you control over your water safety. It’s the fastest, most affordable way to monitor water quality for harmful bacteria.

Sterisil® FASTCheck15™

Even if you buy bottled water for your water lines, if your lines at the chair are dirty, your water is contaminated. It’s not just your water that must be clean, your water lines must also be clean!

FASTCheck15™ detects microbials exceeding 500CFU/mL and informs you if the risk of bacteria has reached harmful levels in between water sampling and results. And, it’s:

  • Fast. You’ll know if your water is safe in 15 minutes (versus days for mail-in or paddle test results).

  • Simple to Use. Simple to Read.  Its easy-to-read test strip provides clear results: 1 line means “pass,” 2 lines mean “fail.”

  • Highly accurate and costs less.  It costs a fraction of other waterline tests.