By Pete Johnson, Lasso

User-Generated Content is Emerging as a Marketing Tool. Video is Dominating.

With social distancing severely limiting in-person interaction, dental practices and marketers are relying on a heavy dose of user generated content (UGC)—like social media posts, testimonials, and videos—to connect with their desired patient audiences.

Among UCG, video emerged as the go-to marketing strategy for dental practices. It’s no wonder, with internet usage at all-time highs: close to 80% of people report watching videos online each week, with 55% watching videos daily.1 Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when it was obtained via video.2

Even with lower production quality, video UGC has proven a valuable tool in forging new patient relationships by providing viewers social proof and validation that can help make them feel comfortable with a practice. As we continue to navigate the COVID pandemic, video will become even more important for practices trying to build their brand and establish authentic relationships with prospective and current patients.

The Kind of Campaign Data a Marketing Company Provides Matters.

Which is more important to you? The number of impressions and clicks or calls your Google Ads dental-implant campaign generated last month? Or the amount of new patient production those campaigns generated? I’d venture to say you’d go with the latter.

Software integration is enabling practices to have more information on results of marketing campaigns. With more data becoming available, pressure will mount on marketing companies to back their claims and provide clients with verifiable patient growth. However, the type of data that’s collected and analyzed should be useful to you. Look for patient data that provides you practical, results-based information.

Connect With Patients Where They Are.

If you aren’t giving your patients multiple ways to communicate with you, it’s safe to say you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage; because your competitors are.

Patients want to connect with you on-demand and by whatever means is easiest for them. One may prefer messaging you on Facebook, while another may prefer texting. Managing multiple channels can be made easier by using software that allows your practice to automate responses across all channels from one dashboard.

To succeed in today’s market, you need to use today’s tools. Use video and UGC and verify your ROI. Finding software that integrates the types of tools mentioned gives you the greatest return on the time you invest in marketing.

Get Practice Growth (GPG) is a full service dental marketing agency that builds custom websites and produces videos for its clients, and offers exclusive package pricing to TDA members. GPG’s software bundle includes PatientLoupe ROI, which lets you see which patients were brought in from GPG marketing campaigns and how much revenue each of those patients generated.