By Robert McDermott; President/CEO, iCoreConnect

It may be tempting to push right up to the Jan. 1 deadline to comply with the Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) law. But it’s time to choose your e-Prescribing software. Even if your practice management system already has an e-Prescribing function, EPCS is different from traditional e-prescribing functionality. It can take two weeks or more to set up EPCS, so you should take steps now to get your system in place.

If you ever prescribe drugs like Dilaudid, Tramadol or Tylenol 3, these medications join other controlled substances impacted by the new EPCS law. The mandate requires electronic prescriptions for drugs in the Schedule II-V controlled substances categories—regardless of how many prescriptions you write a month.

e-Prescribing is more secure than written prescriptions.

EPCS requires a one-time identity proofing process by a credential service provider (CSP). Identity proofing prevents someone from impersonating you to access your computer system and illegally write scripts for controlled substances. As the doctor whose name and license are attached to an EPCS account, this is critical to protecting you from anyone attempting to forge a prescription.

Another unique element to e-Prescribing is a multi-factor (two or more) user authentication required each time you prescribe a controlled substance. These two steps are quick and easy and simply add another layer of protection for all involved.

e-Prescribing adds benefits to your patients and your practice workflow.

Compliance with the law is just one benefit of e-Prescribing. e-Prescribing is proving to be the most effective prescription writing system for protection, error reduction and adherence.

Studies by “The American Journal of Managed Care” (AJMC) show e-Prescribing may:

  • help reduce medication errors and adverse drug events
  • improve formulary adherence by prescribers
  • improve patient adherence to prescription medications, therefore improving quality of care and reducing healthcare costs1

Speeding up your workflow is also key, so look for the following functions in an e-Prescribe software and make sure they’re included in the flat subscription rate. Benefits to your practice are numerous and may include the flexibility to:

  • Prescribe on your office computers, laptop, tablet or phone. A truly comprehensive cloud e-Prescribing solution allows you to e-Prescribe from desktops and laptops at no additional cost, from any location, any time.
  • Integrate with your practice management system (EHR). With true integration, your EHR populates your patient’s information directly from your system into your e-Prescribing software, eliminating duplicate work.
  • Access the TX PMP AWARXE with a single click. The national average duration to access a state PMP website is more than four minutes and 50 clicks. A comprehensive e-Prescribing cloud software that is properly integrated to your EHR can reduce this to one or two clicks.

You’ll be protecting your practice and improving patient care and as soon as you begin e-Prescribing.

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