By Robert McDermott; President/CEO, iCoreConnect

On January 1st, you will need to electronically prescribe all Schedule II-V controlled substances. This is good news if you would like to create time in your work day.

Consider the monetary cost of time consumed by you, your staff and your patients when prescribing the traditional ways. Patients lose prescriptions. There are calls to and from pharmacies, plus time spent looking up drug information on websites or in reference books. Faxing isn’t always secure or compliant. Adherence drops when a patient feels inconvenienced by long waits and multiple trips to the pharmacy. The list goes on.

Patient adherence, practice protection and workflow speed are key benefits to electronic prescribing, or e-Prescribing. As you make the switch to a more productive way of working, consider these functions when evaluating e-Prescribing software.

Prescribe on Your Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Phone
A comprehensive cloud e-Prescribing solution allows you to e-Prescribe from any computer or device at no additional cost, from any location, any time.

Integrate with Your Practice Management System (PM)
With true integration, your practice management system populates your patient’s information directly from your PM into your e-Prescribing software, eliminating duplicate work.

Quick-Click Access to the Texas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (TX PMP AWARxE)
The national average duration to access a state PMP website is more than four minutes and 50 clicks. Compare that to a comprehensive e-Prescribing cloud software that is properly integrated to your PM and gets you there in one or two clicks.

This is by no means a full list of beneficial features, but it does shed light on opportunities to speed up your workflow, protect your patients and improve profit through productivity.

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