By Eric Dawe, Head of Business Development, DentalHQ

Dental membership plans, a term that may have crossed your radar, have gained attention as an innovative approach to dental care. They’re fairly new to the industry, and if you’re not sure what exactly they do and how they can help your practice, it’s very worth your while to find out.

Here are a few misconceptions associated with them—along with some clarification.

Aren’t They Savings Plans?

It’s common to confuse dental membership plans with savings plans, but they’re fundamentally distinct from one another. Savings plans essentially function as coupons for dental care, offering limited value to patients.

In contrast, dental membership plans are not driven by discounts. They can be tailored to meet your patients’ needs and are unique to your practice. When your patients feel like they’re receiving personalized care, they’ll feel like they belong in your practice.

Won’t I Have to Discount My Fees? (And Decrease My Revenue?)

No, you don’t have to discount your fees. But let’s talk about why it would be a good idea to do so.

Offering discounted rates on preventive care through your plans creates an incentive for patients to join. And dental membership plans can be a potent revenue booster for practices. Here’s why.

Because membership fees are collected on a subscription basis (instead of after each treatment):

  • Your practice would receive a reliable revenue stream.
  • Your plan members will be more likely to use included services and become regular patients who make repeat visits.

Won’t They Be a Hassle to Manage?

They can be—if you’re administering the plans yourself. But if you’re using automated software, it’s quite the opposite, because software streamlines the administrative tasks.

Very notably, software eliminates the need for your staff to follow up on insurance claims or repeatedly remind patients about outstanding payments.

By implementing dental membership plans through software, practices can redirect their efforts toward what matters most: delivering high quality care to your patients and providing them with positive experiences.

Dental membership plans provide opportunities for your practice to increase its growth, make extra revenue, and keep your patients healthy and coming back.

DentalHQ is the leading platform for successful automated membership plans. It can help create predictable revenue for your practice by enabling you to create, manage, and grow an in-house membership plan program.