By Robert McDermott; President/CEO, iCoreConnect

The Texas law mandating e-prescribing of controlled substances has a rapidly-approaching compliance deadline of January 1, 2021. It may feel cumbersome to have another mandate to deal with, but this is a fantastic opportunity to improve patient care and speed your prescription process.

If you use a comprehensive electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) service, you can achieve much more than being in compliance. As well as reduce the risk of misuse of medications, key integrations and automations in the software you use can help remove human error and verify that prescriptions are correct.

Here are recommended features to look for in your e-prescribing service and how they can help.

Allows You to E-Prescribe All Medications—Not Just Controlled Substances

Unifying your prescriptions process will reduce errors and time spent on prescribing. Look for a service with a doctor’s-favorites function for quick access to frequently-prescribed medications; and make sure it automatically saves patients’ preferred pharmacies.

Also, when patients know their prescriptions will be automatically transmitted and likely ready by the time they get to the pharmacy, they’re more likely to pick up their medication, which helps improve patient outcomes.

Integrates with the Texas PMP

There are many steps involved in completing mandatory patient prescription-history checks through the state website. These cost time out of your day.

Look for e-prescribing software built for direct integration with the Texas PMP (also referred to as Prescription Drug Monitoring Program [PDMP], Rx AWARE, or PMP AWARxE). That way, you can check a patient’s history with just one or two clicks.

Integrates with Your Practice Management System

The e-prescription workflow is similar to the paper version in that staff can still prepare the prescription for you to review and approve. But the prescription is sent with a click. A service that interfaces with your practice management system—auto populating patient records and eliminating the need to enter patient data multiple times—will further maximize the efficiency of e-prescribing.

Provides Patients’ Full Prescription History

Select an e-prescription service that gives you access to the patient’s FULL prescription history at your fingertips. You’ll want the ability to access all prescriptions dispensed at any U.S. pharmacy over the past twelve months.

Has a Built-In Drug Directory

A good service has a built-in, rapid-search Lexicomp drug directory. You won’t need to purchase the book every year or flip through thousands of pages to find information. A drug’s information—including dosing options, contraindications, and discontinued meds—is pulled up as soon as you start typing the drug brand or its generic name.

Is Cloud-Based

A cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant e-prescription service gives you full e-prescribing functionality anywhere there’s internet or a hotspot. That kind of flexibility allows you to provide prescription care from home, while traveling, and under unforeseen circumstances.

As you consider your next step, use the law as an opportunity to bring multiple functions into one service.

iCoreConnect develops cloud-based technologies to improve and protect your practice. TDA members receive special discount pricing on its iCoreRx ePrescription service. Addding the +PMP function will simplify your mandatory prescription check with one-step, real-time access to Texas PMP AWARE.